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Useful Information

This document contains information to help you better enjoy your visit to our website. It contains the following sections:

Note: This website was designed using Microsoft Internet Explorer as the "browser", or the program that allows you to view web pages. I realize that a lot of you are members of AOL, which uses a different type of browser. I have tried to make it so that it performs the same for all visitors. If there are any problems, please feel free to contact me and let me know and I will see what I can do to correct the situation.


As most people are aware of, one of the greatest advantages of the language used to display information on the web is the capability to link to other pages or other places on the same page. This web site uses this feature in a number of ways:

Text Links

The most familiar method is setting text to be a link. When you see words that are underlined, and your cursor turns into a hand when you place it over the words, clicking the mouse then takes you to another place or performs another action:


If the link takes you to another place, you can then use the "Back" button on the toolbar to return to where you came from. Although there can be variations, depending on your browser, operating system, etc., this button should look similar to the following:


Small pictures, or icons, can be set as links. If you place your cursor over these images, it again changes to a hand and clicking the mouse takes you to another place or performs another action. They can be included with text, such as the following examples:

To go somewhere else,

If you click on the "Click Here" icon, you will go "somewhere else", as this example states.

Return to Home Page

Clicking the "door" icon will take you back to the home page in this instance.

Note: There are numerous places on the web site where I have placed these "Return to ..." icons. In some cases, you could also click the Back button on the toolbar to go back, but there are other places where they would have a different effect. I have tried to place comments in all areas where they have different effects and explain what it is suggested for you to do.

Hot Spots

You can set sections of pictures that display to be "hot spots". If you place your cursor over these areas, it changes to a hand and clicking the mouse takes you to another place or performs another action. A good example of this is the class group photos, where a person's head shot is set to link to that person's web page. In addition, in this case, you can set up a small popup window that can display information:

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